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The approx job time for 1/4 acre of dense vegetation is five days
The average cost is $160 per day
1 time set up fee $300
10 goats x 5 days $500

$800 / 5 Days

Goats are an eco-friendly and efficient solution for controlling invasive vegetation. Our company, GYG, offers a fully insured and full-service approach, which includes the setup of fencing and the daily care of the goats. Unlike other methods, we do not use chemicals or pesticides, making our approach safer for the environment.

Goats are capable of clearing a variety of vegetation, including kudzu, English Ivy, poison ivy, and more. They also prevent unwanted reseeding by eating both the plants and the seeds. Goats are gentle on the land and do not cause damage like heavy machinery, and their browsing creates a natural line for sunlight to reach the grass, promoting growth.

Compared to traditional methods such as mowing, digging, or hiring land-clearing services, goats are cost-effective and time-saving. They can access difficult terrain and are suitable for urban and rural areas. Furthermore, they help reduce the habitats of snakes and mosquitoes.

In addition to their practical uses, goats can also serve as entertainment and improve public relations. Their peaceful chewing and rustling sounds add to the serene atmosphere. Overall, goats are a unique and effective solution for controlling invasive vegetation.